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Why does flight simulator land opposite runways? (FSX)

Why does flight simulator land opposite runways? (FSX)?
I'm an actual pilot in real life, so I know why planes land on runways. (winds, etc) In flight simulator, specifically San Diego Intl, LAX, and San Francisco Intl., I noticed that ATC likes you landing on the opposite runways, even when wind is calm. So for San Diego Intl, you ALWAYS land on runway 27 in real life. There are MAYBE 3 days out of the year they use runway 9. Usually it's because of santa ana winds, or because they're fogged in real bad. (27 doesn't have ILS). Anyways, on flight sim x, they want you to land on 9 if the weather is perfect, and if the wind is a cross wind. Even if the wind is from 200, they have you land on runway 9. As well as when the wind is calm. For LAX, same thing. The wind was out of the south according to flight sim's real world updating weather. So I checked the METAR for LAX and the wind really was out of the south, and I called the ATIS and they were landing and departing on 25/24. On flight sim however, they were landing on 6/7. And lastly, San Francisco, they're landing me over those mountains right by the airport, whereas, they SHOULD be landing me over the bay as they always do in real life. This is really frustrating because I like to recreate the realism of being vectored to land and being cleared and whatnot. I just want to land on the normal runways. Any ideas why this happens in FSX?
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good point. after all, it is JUST A VIDEO game powered by artificial intellegence. i think microsoft needs more real pilot input like you to help make their game better. but in the interest of just appeasing the public and not paying extra just to better simulate real life, they just leave it the way it is. you can tell this to microsoft though. but if you want to land on the runway that you want to, then you press the " ` " key or the " ~" key without the shift(thats the button thats directly left of the #1 on the top row) to open the ATC window i believe and that i think it lets you to change your runway landing preference and if you are creating a flight you can just place your plane to the runway of your choosing. i hope this helps

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