Wednesday, April 1, 2009

David Halberstam

David Halberstam?
Not a question...but a brief comment: I had met Mr. Halberstam in the Santa Ana Airport on a return from a business trip to Newark. Saw him in the gate area, approached and told him I had just finsihed reading his book "Summer of 49" and how I'd so enjoyed it. He was gracious and we spoke for a few minutes. As I boarded the plane, I passed him sitting in first class and said, something like,"...well, at least you'll have it a bit nicer up here than I will back there (in Coach)." Just after they closed the door, a flight attendant approached me and asked me to please follow her. As we got up to first class, I noticed an empty seat next to Mr. Halberstam and she asked me to take the seat. Spoke to him the entire way back. An absolute gentleman in every sense of the word. As the old Chinese proverb says "I wish you that you lead an interesting life". And he did so with grace and astonishing creative output. A true literary giant has been lost.
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today is Tuesday the 24. David Halberstein died today! Unbelievable!

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