Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do you think the “Heretical Two” will be deported back to Britain

Do you think the “Heretical Two” will be deported back to Britain?
Since July 16, 2008 two ‘Heretical Two’ have been sitting in the Santa Ana Jail after applying for political asylum in the US. It is believed that the pair travelled from the UK to Ireland by ferry before taking a direct flight to Los Angeles. They are likely to have their case considered at an immigration hearing in the US before UK authorities can secure their return.” Lady Renouf speaks about the Heretical Two Sarah Maid of Albion blogspot Age of Treason blogspot PS The Heretical Two are Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle from Britain
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It is not too difficult for immigrants from third-world countries to get permission to stay and work in the Western world including America. They definitely get priority when coming to Europe. It most probably will be more difficult for these two white British men though because they don’t fit into this category. Most probably for this reason the US authorities will send them back to Britain to face a long prison sentence for their freedom of speech crimes. You can’t easily get away with satirizing the Holocaust in Europe these days and that includes Britain now. BTW This is most probably the reason the US media have not reported this case. There is an absolute blackout on any news about them. That will make it easier for the US authorities to send them back without anyone asking questions.
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This goes to show how certain stories are selectively COMPLETELY ignored by the US mass media.

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