Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost my plane ticket

Lost my plane ticket?
I have a flight scheduled form Dallas Forth worth, TX to Santa Ana,CA If I cant call the airlines... and i have the ticket NUMBER - NOT ID! Can I look it up on the internet and find the time my flight leaves? if so where?
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You can just look online at their flight schedules. When you go to take your trip, you won't need your plane ticket. All you would need is your photo ID. They will have all of your information in their computer system.
2 :
There is no such thing as a plane ticket anymore. Go to the website and print the boarding pass.
3 :
I think you keep your passport with you and talk to air port authorities. They will help you to get Boarding pass. Have safe journey. bye bye
4 :
most airlines dont even issue a paper tickets are YOU sure you had a paper ticket? as most airlines now only issue E-tickets ONLY unless YOU insist on a paper ticket and there going be fee for that tooif yours was a paper ticket you are going to have to pay extra for a new ticket sign a indemnity form saying if someones using your ticket they cant be held libel pay a lost ticket fee etc a lot of hassles! from Dallas to orange county I would presume its on american
5 :
Don't worry......just check the scheduled departure time on the airline website and go to the Airport. I beleive you have ID proof just show the ID at the check in counter and check in for the flight. If its a paper ticket then yes you need to call the Airline to get the new tickets issued
6 :
My advise to you is call the airline, give them your ticket number and find out if your ticket is electronic or paper. If it is electronic have them email you a copy of it and if it is paper and you have lost it you will have to pay the lost indemity fee which is usually 100.00 to have it re-issue. If for some reason you can't call the airline go online and search with your ticket number then you should be able to find your reservationl Good luck.

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