Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How do I find the cheapest airfare from LAX to STL

How do I find the cheapest airfare from LAX to STL?
I've been searching religiously for flights from LAX (or surrounding airports like Santa Ana, Long Beach, Ontario) to STL, but they are all extremely expensive. It's always like this going to St Louis :( I want to depart either after 5pm July 2 or before 8am July 3. Red-eye flights would be fantastic too! I just really need to be in St Louis before 3pm if possible. I'd like to return in the evening on July 5, between 6-10pm. 2 passengers, both adults, cheapest deals or discounts possible. What can you guys find? :D
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well go to google and write cheap airline tickets to _____ from ______ and many websites will come up
2 :
well the first you wanna do when looking for a cheap fare is use flexible dates and times which you already violated. 2nd you should try to travel on mondays and tuesdays which are the cheapest days to fly vs towards the weekends. use websites like expedia.com to find cheap flights and then when you find a cheap flight go to the actual airlines website to save urself an extra 8-15 bucks. it doesnt help that you are traveling near 4th of july weekend either

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