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Santa Ana(John Wayne Airport) or LAX

Santa Ana(John Wayne Airport) or LAX?
In May a large group of our company is flying out to California for a work convention in Orange County. We have to be at the convention by 4pm on that Friday and my boss has our flight coming in to LAX about 11am on that Friday..........isn't it best to fly into John Wayne, will the traffic be terrible for us to make it in time, please help!!!! My boss thinks we can do some site seeing flying into LAX.
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traffic in LA or OC is bad everyday.... go to SNA esp on friday. you can hang out at the irvine spectrum- great place to eat/shop... nice outside mall. don't go to LAX and be late. it is possible to make it to OC by 4pm if you get to LA at 11am
2 :
SNA is a much smaller, more user friendly airport. However, traffic can be brutal from either airport.
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You would have plenty of time from either....I like your Bosses idea. You could go to the Santa Monica Pier for a while or something else else (Venice Beach),and then head down to Orange County...
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I would go OC, it is a nice airport. Have not been to LAX but hear it is a mess like O'hare. If it is in OC I would fly in there to save traffic headache.
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If you get into LAX at 11 don't try to do any sight seeing. Figure it will take a little over an hour to get your bags and a car. That puts you at about 12 to 12:30 at that time even on a Friday the traffic isn't Bad. Head right out to your OC destination and you will make it in plenty of time ( hint use the car pool lanes will save you lots of time). You should then be able to check into your hotel and grab a quick bite to eat go to you function. Then If you have time on Saturday I would suggest hitting the Beach Try Newport, Huntington Beach, and even Laguna Beach if you have the time.
6 :
you dont say what city in orange county your convention is at it at Anaheim?Buena Park Fullerton? Garden grove? Santa Ana? Irvine? Costa mesa? San Juan Capstino? San Clemente? if the convention is at at the last 5 mention cities then John Wayne is better but its at Fullerton,Anaheim, Buena park Garden grove then Lax is better
7 :
John Wayne isn't exactly a major airport, so the schedule to fly there is sometimes inconsistent and much more expensive. Giving yourself 5 hours to get there from the airport is excessive no matter in to which location you fly (unless of course you're coming in from out of the country). Please don't listen to anyone recommending sightseeing on the way there. I'm sure they've never been on a business trip in their lives and don't know how hard it is to get people coordinated. LOL
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In order to do this, you need to be really organized. I can think of a number of problems, not that they cannot be overcome: -If you fly into LAX and sightsee around Santa Monica, traffic gets really bad on Friday afternoon. Solution: If you arrive around 11, figure you can get baggage and be at out front by 12 or 12:30. Then go directly to something near your convention. I'm hoping it's at the Anaheim Convention Center. If that is the case, then go to the Disneyland Resort, which is right across the street. You can go visit Downtown Disney, and then around 3:30 walk to the Anaheim Convention Center. Something like going to Hollywood and Highland has too much potential for you getting stuck in traffic.
9 :
SNA can make more sense. However fares into SNA are often higher. However, the ground transportation will be cheaper and faster. You have enough time to make it from LAX though. I live near SNA and I can make it to LAX in rush hour in less than 2 hours. 45 minutes inmid day.
10 :
It's cheaper to fly into LAX, than flying to John Wayne. Traffic is hell in LA but if you are travelling in a group, you can take a shuttle and they usually ride on the carpool lane which makes the trip faster. (there is a carpool lane on the 405 fwy from LAX to John Wayne.
11 :
All depends where exactly your convention is. It's hard to say. But if your flight arrives at 11, 5 hours should be plenty of time unless the convention is right at the southern tip of OC.

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