Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Flying from PHL to Santa Ana, is 1 hour early enough time

Flying from PHL to Santa Ana, is 1 hour early enough time?
Flying out of PHL to Santa Ana, California. Our flight leaves Friday at 7:30am in the morning. Would I be alright arriving 1 hour early to the airport as opposed to 2 hours? We're not checking any bags.
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Oh yea- for sure. Dont arrive 2 hours early- thats only unless your flying internationally. In fact, ive been able to arrive 30 minutes before departure and still make it (dont, but just saying).
2 :
You'd probably be ok.. Do realize that most airlines start boarding about :20 to departure time (varies by airline, and type/size of aircraft) so, you'll want to be at the gate when boarding starts.. Plus, if the flight happens to be oversold, those who arrive at the gate "late" are some of the first to be denied boarding and are not entitled to IDB compensation as they failed to be present and available for boarding by the prescribed time. To be safe, I'd try to be at the airport no later than say 75 minutes.. This allows for any delays at the security check point-- mornings are notoriously busy-- and anything else unexpected that may arise.
3 :
PHL can have long security lines esp. in the morning. I have worked a flight out and people in line said they were in line for over 45 min. coming back SNA not so bad and airport a lot smaller

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