Sunday, June 14, 2009

Has anyone in America heard of Simon Sheppard & Steve Whittle

Has anyone in America heard of Simon Sheppard & Steve Whittle?
While out on bail on "Freedom of Speech" charges, they took a ferry to Ireland and than a direct flight to Los Angeles and have now claimed political asylum in the USA. Since July 16, 2008 the ‘Heretical Two’ are sitting in the Santa Ana Jail waiting for their political asylum case to be heard. There is no precedent for this. This is the very first ever case of its kind, that is if you don't count the Mayflower. cptnamerican There are not many sources of information right now. There is a report here and there are also some rather biased reports in the British press. The comments section on this YouTube clip are also worth reading.
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Yes, a friend of mine from New Jersey has written to the Heretical Two and I emailed every publication in LA making them aware of this landmark case.
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I haven't heard of them. But your presentation has my interests. Could someone explain more about the two. Or the backstory regardig the freedome of speech charges.
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I would do the same if I was them.
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I have already asked a question on this subject, i.e. "MUST SEE YouTube Clip! Will these men be given political asylum?" so I will keep my answer to providing a link to the blog “Age of Treason”. This site fills in on some details and also quotes selected pieces from the writings of these two Englishmen. Latest information is they are still waiting in the Santa Ana Jail LA for their application for political asylum to be heard. Well worth reading !
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Apparently not !! See another video clip with a speech about these two men by Lady Michèle Renouf. Maybe this will help get them up to speed. lol

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