Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are you also watching California fighting fire

Are you also watching California fighting fire?
My state is in emergency. The fires flames are still not contained. I pause to offer thanks to those who are fighting to contain the fires and pray that no more lives and homes are lost. I watch the news With much alarm Pray that no one Comes to harm As wildfires feast With cruel delight Upon a state In helpless flight While flicking flames Of fiery tongues Blows burning wind From furnace lungs These Santa Anas Blow so warm That Nature melts Beneath its charm Again, let no one come to harm
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1 :
Yup I leave in San Diego here is not that bad but yes lets get together in prayer so nothing bad would happened. The peace of God be with you.
2 :
I also live in California. May I add my appreciation to your own for the courageous firefighters. This is well written,with eloquent images illustrating the plight of a state on fire. The alluring menace of the Santa Anas is beautifully stated. Thank you.
3 :
with the force of Seven Seas dousing waves I send to you tidal flows to quell the rage to embers of tempered calmness
4 :
One of my many sisters lives in California, seems like the fires will never stop.. I wish I could put it out with my tears, but do not have enough for the job...
5 :
i didn't even know
6 :
The only time I ever got burned in the Ca. sun was when the santa annas were blowing. My doctor said I had windburn, not sunburn. The fires can be bad, we'll pray they are contained soon.
7 :
A beautiful prayer for heroes. I once lived in the state of licking flame you descibe. I pray for the safety of you and Amy and the rest of my beloved who dwell there. Peace and rains to you. Blessed Be. From four corners, prayers arise energy sent to the skies, a one voice chorus of different hearts dispelling flames, skies rip apart letting fall a gentle shower.
8 :
Yes, I watched the news likewise. I didn't like the fire-scene either. "Again, let no one come to harm." Amen!

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