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What airline should i fly with, and where should i buy tickets

What airline should i fly with, and where should i buy tickets?
Well im going from the central Florida area to the John Wayne air port in Santa ana California, And i say central Florida because I'm not even sure what air port to go out of. I live really close to the daytona, and the Sanford air ports but they are really small air ports that don't have many flights. I could also drive an hour to the Orlando international air port. And i don't even know where i should buy the tickets, but i want to keep it as cheap as possible. I'm just really stuck and NEED HELP so if there is anyone out there please reply... thankss
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Try My family has used it before and it has proved very useful
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we just flew from chicago to louiville kentucky on southwest airlines really cheap. another good thing is that bags fly free on southwest. check their website out!
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Southwest is a really good airline, and the tickets are way cheaper than the others. The only reason why you dont see southwest on sites like travelocity is because they don't allow those websites to sell tickets through them. With southwest, you get your first 2 checked bags free, which saves you even more money on top of the ticket already being way cheaper than the other airlines.
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If you are looking for the cheapest airfares, theres some practical tips or ways you can do to get the lowest price. Like booking your flight on certain days, Tues. Wed. and Thursday are cheaper to fly than weekends days. Also, if you don't have a firm schedule, be flexible with the time of your flight and airport locations. You can buy tickets from airline's online stores, like Kayak and others, or you can go directly to actual airline sites. More tips at; Hope you'll find an airfares that fit your needs. Thank you!
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If you are flexible on departure or arrival airports, I advice you to use for searching the cheap flights. On most of the websites, you have to try all the airports in the area, LOL! For example, I found for you on,_USA_city__to_Santa_Ana_Orange_County_CA_airport 2 flights: one with SouthWest and one with AirTran.

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